THE REPTILE ACADEMY LTD Terms & Conditions / Service Agreement



  1. Parties


The “Service Provider” AND The “Client"

The Reptile Academy Ltd is a registered limited company and 'The Reptile Academy' is a registered trademark. 


       2. Definitions

  • Service Provider – The company, named at the top of this Agreement, who is hired to attend the Event.

  • Service Provider’s Representatives – Those persons part of The Reptile Academy Ltd who are attending the Event (including, but not limited to Employees, Casual Workers or Volunteers).

  • Handler – Those Service Provider’s Representatives who are exhibiting the Animals at the Event.

  • Event – The planned public / social / private occasion which the Service Provider is hired to attend, details of which can be found at the end of this Agreement.

  • Animals – The animals exhibited and handled by the Service Provider’s Representatives including, but not limited to or inclusive of a Burmese Python, Royal Python, Boa Constrictor, Ackies Monitors, Yemen Chameleon, Chinese Water Dragon and Giant African Land Snails.

  • Services – Includes but is not limited to or inclusive of all; Reptile Handling Workshops, Talks, Displays and Photography, details of which can be found at the end of this Agreement.

  • Agreement – This binding arrangement between the parties listed at the beginning of this document.

  • Client – The person, or private organisation or individual who are requesting the services of The Reptile Academy Ltd i.e. care homes, schools, SEN centres or another event organiser.

  • Client’s Representative – The person who has contacted The Reptile Academy Ltd and is signing this Agreement on behalf of the Client.

  • Client’s Members – Those persons who are a part of the society or organisation (including, but not limited to, society members, staff etc.)

  • Client’s Guests – Those persons who are not Members but are attending the Event (including, but not limited to, guests of the Client, guests of the Client’s Members)

3. Exclusive Service Provider

3.1 The Service Provider, The Reptile Academy Ltd, shall be the exclusive educational animal handling Service Provider of the event (unless otherwise specified e.g. Public Summer Events).

3.2 The Client shall inform the Service Provider of other similar service providers attending the Event (including, but not limited to Mini Zoos, Animal Handling groups, Animal Displays such as falconry, small mammals and reptiles etc.)

3.3 In the event that other animal handling groups are present, The Reptile Academy Ltd reserves the right not to be placed at public Events nearby for animal safety, welfare and cross-contamination reasons.

3.4 The Client or Event Organiser may display appropriate signage i.e. ‘Exotic Animal Zone’ but The Reptile Academy Ltd reserves the right to remove inappropriate signage that may mislead the public to the Services provided i.e. ‘Dangerous Animal Zone’ – see section 4.7.

3.5 Services may include but are not limited to i) private educational reptile talks & handling workshops, ii) public educational reptile talks & handling, iii) professional snake-modelling studio photography iv) professional green-screen snake photoshoots, v) photography classes vi) therapy sessions i.e. care homes and SEN centres, vii) educational children’s parties, viii) corporate events and ix) media hire. Different packages incur different fees and not all Services are included in each package.



4. Reptile Handling

4.1 The Service Provider’s Representatives provide Reptile Handling with Animals including,    but not limited to or inclusive of a Burmese Python, Royal Python, Boa Constrictor, Ackies Monitors, Yemen Chameleon, Chinese Water Dragon and Giant African Land Snails. Some animals may not be brought to an Event and the Handlers’ discretion.

4.2 The Animals welfare is a priority and Animals selected for handling are at the Handlers’ discretion. Some Animals may be available for viewing and/or handling and may be withdrawn from the Event without notice (for reasons including, but not limited to behavioural signs, stress, temperament changes, shed cycles, or a break etc.)

4.3 A mandatory safety briefing will be given by the Handlers to the Client, Client’s Guests and Members before being allowed to handle the Animals.

4.4 The Handlers will inform all Guests and Members that any animal with a mouth can bite.

4.5 The Client, Client’s Guests and Members handle the Animals at their own risk and must follow instruction of the Handlers. Failure to follow instructions will result in withdrawal of the Animal at the Handler’s discretion.

4.6 The Client agrees that in the event of an animal bite, the Service Provider is not liable, and the Client handles all animals at their own risk.

4.7 No animals exhibited by The Reptile Academy Ltd appear on the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 (DWAA)

4.8 The Client is responsible and liable for any damages or injury they cause towards equipment and animals respectively.

4.9 Small children will require a Parent/Guardian’s verbal consent before handling and Guests/Members who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to handle the Animals.


5. Photography

5.1 Guests of the Client are permitted to photograph the Event (from outside the gazebo if a public outdoors Event) if they do not interfere with the Service Provider’s duties.

5.2 The Client, Client’s Guests and Members are Prohibited from using Flash Photography for animal welfare and handling safety reasons. Violation may result in withdrawal of animals by the Service Provider.

5.3 The Service Provider may photograph the Client’s Guests and Members during the Event in which photographs may be published online (including, but not limited to Facebook or the Website etc.) unless otherwise agreed (e.g. children in schools will not be photographed).

5.4 The Service Provider may also provide Green Screen Photography as part of the Reptile Handing Service which incurs an additional fee. These photos are edited and posted to the Client, Client’s Guests or Members within 10 working days of receiving payment unless events out of the Service Provider’s control occur (equipment damage, data loss, postage delays etc.)

5.5 All images will include a The Reptile Academy Ltd or Jake Weeks Photography watermark unless otherwise requested.

5.6 The Client may request additional digital or printed copies of photographs which incur an additional fee plus postage fee if required.

5.7 Clients of photography sessions who are taking photos own the rights to the photos they take but agree to credit The Reptile Academy Ltd for providing the Service when sharing photos online.  

5.8 Clients of photographic sessions and snake modelling-sessions agree to a model release so that The Reptile Academy Ltd can use photos for marketing purposes and publish them online. This excludes intimate photographs in which separate permission will be obtained.



6. Photography Copyright and Reproduction

6.1 The Service Provider shall own the copyright to all images created and shall have exclusive right to make reproductions unless exceptions for privacy policy reasons are agreed.

6.2 The Service Provider shall only make reproductions for the Client, the clients guests or the Photographer’s portfolio, self-promotion, entry in photographic contests or exhibitions or website.


7. Client’s Usage

7.1 The Client and their Members are obtaining images for personal use or use by their organisation only. The Client is entitled to make prints for their own use, however, it is strictly forbidden to sell any images or use them for commercial purposes without permission.

7.2 Permission / licensing for commercial or editorial sharing of images can be obtained from The Reptile Academy Ltd.

7.3 If the images are to be published online, including (but not limited to) Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it is requested that The Reptile Academy Ltd and Jake Weeks Photography is credited for all images.


8. Charges

8.1 Charges will vary depending on the Event venue and number of hours the Service Provider is contracted to work and vary depending on the Service Provider’s travel expenses.

8.2 If hours more than those arranged are needed, please inform the Service Provider before or during the event.

8.3 Additional hours to those arranged will incur an additional fee which will be agreed between the Client and the Service Provider before those additional hours are carried out.


9. Payment

9.1 The Client shall pay the Service Provider the agreed amount at the bottom of this document.

9.2 The Service Provider will provide an invoice to the Client with full details of the agreed Service. fee and payment instructions, via email.

9.3 As standard The Reptile Academy Ltd is available for hire and does not pay for pitch fees at public events. If this does occur The Reptile Academy Ltd reserves the right to charge Guests of the Client’s Event for reptile handling and photographic Services which may vary between Events.

9.4 The payment can be made via cash, cheque or bank transfer and must be processed before the start of the Event. Cheques should be addressed to Mr. Jake Weeks who is sole Director of The Reptile Academy Ltd.

9.5 The Client is required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £50 upon booking The Reptile Academy Ltd within 3 days to secure the agreed time and date.

9.6 Unless otherwise stated, payment of deposit invoices must be made to and received by The Reptile Academy Ltd as cleared funds no later than 14 calendar days prior to The Reptile Academy's attendance at any event. Late payment of deposit may result in cancellation of the booking by The Reptile Academy Ltd. In some cases we may agree to apply the deposit to an alternative booking date or refund the deposit.  

9.7 Unless otherwise stated, payment for supplementary invoices must be made to and received by The Reptile Academy Ltd as cleared funds no later than 14 calendar days from the date of issue of the invoice. Failure for funds to be cleared by this date will result in a 10% fee being applied to any outstanding amounts per day until funds have cleared. 


10. Late Payment

10.1 The Service Provider reserves the right to not attend/exhibit animals at the Event if full payment is not received in advance of the Event.

10.2 The Reptile Academy Ltd does not give credit so Services will not be provided without payment beforehand.

10.3 The Reptile Academy Ltd reserves the right to cancel events where no deposit has been made and where payment has not fully cleared before delivering our services.  

10.4 If full payment has not cleared into our account and The Reptile Academy Ltd Rangers choose to deliver our services in good faith that payment will be made, a 10% fee will be charged per day until full payment has cleared.  


11. Client Cancellation

11.1 If the Client shall cancel this Agreement, the Client shall be responsible for notifying the Service Provider of the cancellation as soon as reasonably possible and the £50 non-refundable booking deposit will not be returned.

11.2 If the Client cancels the Event with more than 48 hours’ notice the Service Provider will not return the £50 non-refundable booking deposit but will return the remaining agreed amount.

11.3 If the cancellation is made within 48 hours of the Event start, a £30 cancellation fee will apply and if cancellation is made on the day of the Event the Client shall be liable to compensate the Service Provider for 100% of the amount indicated at the end of this agreement.

11.4 If the Client fails to notify the Service Provider of the cancellation so that the Service Provider arrives at the Event, the Client shall be liable to compensate the Service Provider for 100% of the amount indicated at the end of this agreement or in the invoice.

11.5 The Client can rebook the Service Provider for an Event but will still forfeit their original £50 booking deposit and another £50 booking deposit will have to be paid.


12. Service Provider’s Failure to Perform

12.1 If the Service Provider can no longer attend the Event, the Client is entitled to a full refund including the £50 deposit or a rebooking of the Event.

12.2 If the Service Provider is unable to perform this Agreement due to events beyond their control (e.g. illness, injury, animal welfare, equipment malfunctions, transport breakdowns, extreme hot or cold weather etc) the Service Provider shall not be liable with respect to the Agreement, but the Client will be entitled to a 100% refund or to reschedule the Event.

12.3 If for any other reason the Service Provider fails to complete the Agreement and the fee has been paid already, a full refund will be provided, or the Client can reschedule.  

12.4 If the Service Providers and/or Handlers choose at their discretion to bring/not bring all/some Animals to the Event this does not constitute a failure of the Service Provider to Perform and the Client will not be entitled to a refund (e.g. one animal might have started the skin shed cycle overnight so will not be brought to the Event etc.).

12.5 If the Service Provider cannot attend the Event they are not liable for any fees/costs associated with the Event i.e. tickets, advertising, pitch fees.


13. Damage to Equipment, Animal Injury and Staff

13.1 If the Service Provider’s equipment (including, but not limited to any photographic equipment or materials, vehicle, handling equipment, clothing or other resources or possessions the Service Provider has brought to the Event) is damaged or stolen by the Client or the Client’s Guests during the Event, the Client shall be liable for the full cost of repairing or replacement.

13.2 If the Animals come to any harm or illness because of deliberate misconduct of the Client’s Members or Guests (including, but not limited to failure to follow Handlers’ instructions or deliberate harm to the Animals etc.) the Client shall be liable for 100% of the respective veterinary bills.

13.3 Verbal or physical harassment towards paid or unpaid employees of The Reptile Academy Ltd will not be tolerated and the Guest will be asked to leave i.e. at public or private events. The Client will be required to support the Service Provider. Failure to do so will result in withdrawal of animals from the Event and in extreme cases termination of Services at that Event where refunds will not occur.

13.4 Guests under the influence of drugs / alcohol will be refused reptile handling and other services and be asked to leave.

13.5 Physical violence/cruelty towards the animals will be reported to the Police under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.


14. Online Agreement

14.1 Any Clients who book through the online booking system via or via email or telephone correspondence agree to these Terms & Conditions when paying.