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Monte, our CB11 Burmese python, who weighs in at ~40lb and is 11ft long is the pride and joy of our collection. With sparking personality and cracking good looks for a snake, he often takes part in the snake-modelling photo shoots. Due to his enormous size and weight, handling is generally limited to longer sessions and private photoshoots but may appear at public events.


Meet Zilla our Axanthic Green Iguana! She's currently very small but with a huge appetite for salad it won't take her long to grow into one of our largest species.


Meet Salvador, our rescue Argentine Black and White Tegu from Brighton RSPCA. Although perfectly healthy now, he is an example of why people should not buy reptiles without experience and first researching animals. Through poor ownership, he suffered with metabolic bone disease and now has two metal plates in his front feet as a result of brittle bones.


Carlo, a CB16 Royal Python or Ball Python. Popular in the pet trade for their placid and docile temperament and diverse genetic variation, although with a lifespan of 40 years this animal is a lifelong companion. Timid in nature and small in size Carlo is great for talks, handling workshops and photographic sessions.


Jezza is our Giant African Bullfrog. He has a strong appetite and is friendly to handle and observe.


Meet Beau, our gorgeous Common Boa constrictor. These arboreal predators are commonly mistaken for being giant killers. Unless you are a small mammal such as a mouse or rat, you would normally be quite safe!


Superbia, our Brazilian Rainbow boa, is named after the iridescent glow that her scales produce when they refract light.

Varanus acanthurus

Our pair of CB17 Australian Ackies Monitors, Sue and Mick are a lively and charismatic couple. Friendly and inquisitive, they will actively come up to people and want to climb on and explore. Also this species do not exhibit autotomy (tail-dropping) which makes them perfect for reptile handling workshops.


Argentine Horned Frog


Elizardbeth. One of our Giant Green Day Geckos from Madagascar! Very shy and not happy to be handled, these beautiful animals are great to observe.


Another pacman frog, this time an albino morph called Pinkie is just a baby. She may come to some events for observation.


The mighty Bossk! Do you get the reference? This insectivorous scavenger is currently a juvenile but are one of the fastest growing monitors.


Chaos! One of our two Cane toads.


Inferno! Another of our Cane toads.


Bassey is a CB15 rescue of ours and has come a long way. Regular human interaction has made this Boa constrictor a docile and puppy-dog tame snake who is part of the family. She has a feistier personality with piercing eyes yet is still content being handled and will often take a snooze on your shoulders.


Meet Caesar the Veiled Chameleon, the newest addition to our reptilliary! Currently a juvenile, he will grow into an impressive colourful male. Shy in nature and fragile, Caesar will be reserved for photographic sessions only and some quieter handling workshops at our discretion.


Our Giant African Land Snails, Hercules and Megara are also sometimes available for viewing and photo workshops. We may bring these to events for people to look at, however due to their fragile shells and sensitive mucosal skin handling is limited. They also have several generations of babies!


Mushu the Chinese Water Dragon, is not part of our collection but she is owned by one of our close reptile husbandry enthusiasts and fellow Biologist, Connor Tyler. She may be available for photographic sessions upon request but due to her lightning fast movements, sharp claws and autotomy she won't be available for handling workshops.