Jake Weeks BSc. MRes.
Managing Director
Gary Weeks
Lead Reptile Ranger
Events Manager
Connor Whelan
Reptile Ranger
Charlotte Davey
Reptile Ranger
Curtis Kenneavy
I'm a 3rd year Biology student, and love everything reptile related. I joined the Reptile Academy to help show and educate people about these amazing creatures, and to show they're not scary and evil like many people think.
Shane Gausden
Reptile Ranger
Connor Tyler BSc.
Reptile Ranger
Olivia De Sousa
Reptile Ranger
Rosie Hopkins
'Hi I'm Rosie! I'm a 4th year MSci Zoology Student. My main research interests are in mammals, particarly bats, but I also have a love for reptiles too which is why I help out with the reptile academy. I have no reptile pets of yet but would love to have a snake in the future!'
Kit Morgan
Joshua Davey
Alex Buckley
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Reptile Handling

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Gary Weeks

Lead Reptile Ranger Events Manager