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Discover the world of reptiles and amphibians in this brand new magazine brought to you by The Reptile Academy. Written by our team of experienced biologists and zoologists, stay up to date with emerging science about the husbandry and care of your animal, and explore the conservation of these species in the wild. Every week includes features about a variety of the animals we have at The Reptile Academy including pythons, boas, monitors, chameleons, geckos, frogs and toads. Additionally, each monthly magazine includes a double page spread poster, as well as regular articles including 'Under the Microscope,' global conservation, a photo competition and Young Herpetologist submission. With extra exciting reads and lots of free opportunities to make your own submissions, The Reptile Academy Magazine is your comprehensive guide to keeping, caring for and knowing about your animals as your journey into becoming a herpetologist begins!

Paperback Vol 1, No 1, BULK x 25 copies, £6.74 per copy

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