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Special Educational Needs             

In addition to mainstream schools, our team are experienced with people who require SEN awareness in order to have a positive and fulfilling experience. We can tailor our sessions for clients with ASDs, physical disabilities as well as the elderly using the therapeutic properties than our animals elicit. 

Autism Spectrum


We recognise that children and adults with ASDs have highly individual needs. We can provide both the intellectual stimuli as well as sensory (visual and tactile) stimuli which can provide a positive and enriching experience. Feedback from several sessions have suggested that our Reptile AAT sessions promote good behaviour, calmness and focus in lessons. 

Physical Disabilities & Affective Disorders       

Our reptile experiences are highly popular amongst people with physical disabilities who may have motility and coordination problems or be wheelchair bound. In addition, feedback from our reptile handling sessions have included having an uplifting and relaxing effect in people who have depression and anxiety. 

Residential & Carehomes      

Looking for an enriching and engaging activity for elderly family members or residents? Look no further! Our sessions provide a stimulating and distracting experience from the monotony and loneliness that many people experience later in life.