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University & Academic Collaborations

Student Placement Agreements

We are pleased to hold 9 formal Student Placement Agreements with top UK Veterinary Colleges, facilitating fulfilment of AHEMS or Pre-Clinical EMS. We also hold informal placement agreements with a range of other universities and colleges that deliver biology, zoology & animal management programmes where optional placements are encouraged. In addition, The Reptile Academy is a registered T Level Industry Placement Provider, offering 45-day placements commencing from 2024.

There is no other provider in the country with the species depth, breadth, expertise and professional accolades that The Reptile Academy has to offer. We welcome expressions of interest in expanding our academic collaborations.

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Student Placement Agreements (SPAs)

Our 8 existing veterinary SPAs are a hallmark of excellence for our reptile and amphibian husbandry training. We also see numbers of students from several animal biology and zoology programmes. Students interested in Veterinary AHEMS or Pre-Clinical EMS, or other placements, should check out our Reptile Ranger Residential Programme (it is the same programme) for details of accommodation, food, transport, dates and costs to cover these provisions. If you are a student at any of the below universities, registration and approval should be straight forward, and we welcome applications and questions by email to

If you are a student at another institution, we also welcome all enquiries. An SPA must be set up in advance of a booking with us to count the placement towards AHEMS/Pre-clinical EMS. In the absence of an SPA or approval, students are welcome to join the programme for their own independent, personal or professional development, in which they will still achieve The Reptile Academy's internal certification (which is accredited by RSB, ISAP, IACE & ICAN).

Remember, The Reptile Academy is a Social Enterprise and Not-for-Profit. All fees associated with placements are a contribution to delivering your accredited training programme. This includes accommodation, food and transport during the week, as well as associated licensing, certification & referencing. In order to deliver a high-calibre, 5-day, 4-night training programme, The Reptile Academy has to maintain up to 130 animals across two-sites, 24/7, for 365 days of the year. Compared to some farm placements (which may not provide the above amenities), The Reptile Academy does not breed nor sell livestock, nor receive farming subsidies, funds which are often used to support student placements. Based on our excellent feedback from 2023, we know that students who enrol on a placement at The Reptile Academy will receive state-of-the-art exotic species husbandry training that is unmatched by any other provider (that's if you can even find one!) and not part of the academic curriculum. 

Other Partners & Placement Opportunities

In addition to placements for institutions we hold SPAs with, Members of the RSB and DofE Gold Participants are eligible for our Reptile Ranger Residential Programme. We offer separate work placements for the DfE and in particular T Levels in Animal Management commencing September 2024. 

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