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accredited course & training

We deliver accredited reptile and amphibian courses and training workshops for veterinary professionals, zoologists, students and pet keepers. Our course explores 24+ species of snake, lizard, monitor, frog and toad!

special educational needs & disabilities 

Reptiles and amphibians exert a wonderful effect on children and adults living with ASDs, ADHD, Affective disorders and other learning and physical disabilities. Find out how one of our animal assisted activity sessions can help.

higher education seminars & workshops

We deliver a series of herpetology seminars suitable for university academic and society groups. Sessions involve a formal lecture on a key topic followed by an animal encounter with one of our larger animals.

magazine publication

During lockdown we developed a new educational resource to inform people about the wonderful world of reptiles. Packed with information about husbandry, global conservation and herpetology education, our magazine may help you find your inner herpetologist!

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