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The Reptile Academy is proud to have achieved several professional memberships, accreditations and endorsements, that positions us as the most recognised,  high-calibre reptile & amphibian education provider in the UK and beyond, with the strongest animal welfare ethos. Our standards and practices are subject to review by a plethora of external, independent and objective bodies, helping us strive to be the very best. 


The Royal Society
of Biology (RSB) 

Supporting Organisational Member

Our most prestigious membership body, The Royal Society of Biology awarded us Supporting Organisational Membership in January 2024. Membership was awarded in particular recognition of our work with the veterinary, zoology & animal management communities, as well as our focus on the importance of animals in the Science National Curriculum and SEND & SEMH education. 

In addition, we are proud to have seats on several policy task groups including EPAG (Education Policy Advisory Group), ASG (Animal Science Group) and BERG (Bioscience Education Research Group). Together, The Reptile Academy can use these platforms to represent animal welfare and animal education. 

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International Society for Animal Professionals (ISAP)

Corporate Fellowship (CorpISAP Herp Edu)

ISAP was founded with the goal of improving animal welfare around the world; with the aim of providing a focal point to all those working with, or interested in working with, animals to promote international co-operation as well as setting common standards of good practice when working with animals.  

The Reptile Academy holds a Corporate Fellowship with expertise in Herpetological Education (CorpISAP HerpEdu)

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International Animal Companion Network (ICAN)

For Force-Free Methods

Organisational Member (MICAN)

The International Companion Animal Network (ICAN) was founded in 2018 as a network for welfare-minded organisations, professionals, and charities who only use force-free methods.

ICAN was established to meet the profound need for solidarity, mutual support, communication and cooperation for professionals, organizations, charities and individuals working in the animal behaviour and training industry.

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