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Accredited Course

Our new course, Introduction to Herpetology, Reptile & Amphibian Husbandry & Animal Welfare has launched and the new cohort begins in January 2021. Scroll down to view all the course details including module overview, accreditation, time requirements and registration. 

Please use REGISTER NOW only to register for the course, or ACCESS COURSE only once you are registered. For all enquiries, please email our education team at or call 02380 394174.

More information about course modules at the bottom of this page. 

Course Features

Modules & Progression

Introduction to Herpetology, Reptile & Amphibian Husbandry & Animal Welfare is a comprehensive course taught over 12 modules. As a general guideline, we recommend that each module can be completed over 1 month (taught content  = 2 weeks, interactive workshops = 1 week, revision and assessment = 1 week, totalling 4 weeks). Therefore, we estimate that the course can be completed over 12 months. However, should you wish to spread your CPD out over a longer period, we provide access to the course platform for 24 months.


The Reptile Academy Ltd is accredited and endorsed by four organisations for the quality of our educational content, animal welfare practices and CPD value.

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