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Burmese python scales
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Connor Whelan

Lead Reptile Ranger & Course Instructor

Specialist Herpetology Subject

Herpetofauna Evolution & Ecology

Favourite Herptile

Kevin, Whites Tree Frog,

Litoria caerulea

How can herptiles change people's lives?

Working hands on with both reptiles and amphibians changes the negative views many people have on these unique and intelligent animals.

Important Figure

Nigel Marvin has inspired me to truly immerse myself in the natural world, presenting a myriad of documentaries I grew up watching. He has continued his work off-camera by supporting and involving himself in conservation schemes such as The Great Fen Project and Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit, showing you can both share your love for nature whilst doing your best to protect it.

A Bit About Me

My passion for reptiles stems from my deep interest in evolution and the history of life. Like many young naturalists, I was fascinated by dinosaurs and documentaries such as ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’. I would spend hours digging around my garden, catching insects and identifying all the stereotypically ‘scary’ creatures I could find.

This was a childhood interest I never grew out of, leading to me to study Biology at the University of Southampton. Here I joined The Reptile Academy Ltd, which enabled me to share my love for reptile paleoecology. Currently, I study an MRes in Evolution, where I research the ecosystem interactions of extinct marine reptiles – inspired by Nigel Marvin’s ‘Walking with Sea Monsters!

Evolution, to me, is necessary in our understanding of why reptiles and amphibians are what they are today. It can influence how we care for them as companions as well as how we conserve and protect those in natural spaces. It is the backbone of the natural world!


September 2018 - June 2021


April 2019 - Present

April 2019 - Present

Completed a BSc. Biology (Hons) degree at The University of Southampton. 

Completed The Reptile Academy's training course and became a Reptile Ranger supporting the education team at training workshops, schools & public outreach events. In 2020 became a Lead Reptile Ranger supporting the delivery of the next course.

Elected President of the UoS Wildlife Society. Currently serving as VP. 

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