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Mainstream Primary & Secondary Schools            

We deliver 2-hour and 3-hour educational talks and interactive reptile handling workshops. Packed with quality educational material, our sessions are tailored to KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 and Sixth Form learning. These sessions are perfect for supporting any science curriculum. Also suitable for after school clubs including Scouts and Guides.

University Academic & Society Seminars            

We deliver higher level educational material accompanied by exotic animal handling demonstrations. With a background in Biological and Zoological Sciences, our workshops are perfect for academic clubs, University enrichment and societies. These sessions provide an exciting and hands-on experience to any University group. 

Special Educational Needs             

In addition to mainstream schools, our team are experienced with people who require SEN awareness in order to have a positive and fulfilling experience. We can tailor our sessions for clients with ASDs, physical disabilities as well as the elderly using the therapeutic properties than our animals elicit. 

Structured Courses    &Training Workshops            

In addition to our stand-alone educational talks, we offer a mini course in Animal Welfare and Exhibiting Reptiles as well as an extensive 'Exploring Herpetology' course. These are designed to 

prepare you to care for, house and exhibit a variety of reptiles and amphibians in accordance with DEFRA and The Animal Welfare Act (2006), be aware of strong animal welfare standards and develop a strong understanding of higher level herpetology as a branch of Biological Sciences.

Photographic Experiences     


With experience in wildlife and captive animal photography, anyone interested in developing a portfolio of some rare, exotic and beautiful animals can book one-on-one or group photographic experiences. Perfect for people starting their photographic adventure, as an adjunct to a course you are already doing or people who are amateur or semi-professional photographers, these experiences will teach you how to set up a shoot with the animals' needs in mind, photograph, edit and develop quality images.