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Reptile Academy Magazine Launch & Summer Update

We're ecstatic to have finally launched our brand new educational resource, The Reptile Academy Magazine. Available on Amazon in both paperback print and the more environmentally friendly and tech-savvy eBook version via Kindle. What's more, the magazine is completely FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.

Here is a preview below.

The first issue, released in May 2020, is a 60-page magazine featuring a variety of articles o topics such as salamander poison glands, metabolic bone disease and recovery, Ackie monitor husbandry, global conservation, UK herpetofauna and much more. Written by our team of biologists, zoologists, ecologists and experienced reptile keepers, the magazine delivers a variety of well-rounded and highly researched topics to you.

At The Reptile Academy, there are two factors that are intrinsically central to our ethos.

Firstly, education. Unlike the other exotic species experience providers, who often refer to themselves as 'mini-zoos' or 'reptile party providers,' we are an education company that delivers experiences, workshops, courses, training and public encounters at a very professional standard. The product that we sell is our knowledge, something that in today's age is often underrated. The animals themselves are only part of that learning experience and are simply an, albeit very exciting and interactive, adjunct to what we provide. We firmly believe in education though interaction, by stimulating memorable learning experiences that our menagerie of stunning animals provide.

Secondly, a factor that is never compromised is animal welfare. All the animals here at The Reptile Academy are our personal pets, not company assets. As such they are greatly loved by the owners and the rest of the team and are always put first. We spare no expense in the husbandry and veterinary care (although seldom required) for our animals and we do everything in our power to give them a healthy, enriching and as natural a lifestyle as possible, whilst ensuring they maintain a good temperament. It's commonplace to see other animal encounter groups displaying poor husbandry at public events, not having satisfactory knowledge about their animals and not meeting the legal requirements (such as simply displaying a licence). To the untrained eye these inadequacies may simply go amiss. Not here at The Reptile Academy.

Our magazine is the latest resource we have made to share our passion for reptiles and the education we deliver. A project we have planned for sometime, the current COVID-19 pandemic and social-distancing measures have given us that extra push, and extra time, to research, write, design and publish an exciting and intellectually stimulating piece of literature. It is an endeavour that we intend to pursue once the world recovers and returns to a 'new normal.'

Pictured above are some examples of the topics we have discussed in the first issue. We showed the special features and co-evolved adaptations of Salvador, our Argentine tegu, Salvator merianae (top left) as well as discussing his recovery from metabolic bone disease (MBD) as we adopted him (bottom right). Every month we will publish an article on the comprehensive care if a particular species, this time featuring Mick and Sue our pair of Ackie or Ridge-tail monitors, Varanus acanthurus (top right), as well as wider global conservation issues such as the proliferation of breeding populations of Burmese pythons, Python bivittatus, and Argentine tegus in Florida, USA, that have become invasive species due to irresponsibly being release by their keepers or breeders.

Additionally, we aim to make the most of our growing momentum. With the release of the magazine and a growing amount of followers, we are aiming to provide more material online to keep our reptile enthusiasts occupied at a time where finding things to do and stay motivated and focused in everyday life is not easy. This includes posting more regularly on our social media platforms (facebook, twitter and instagram) as well as blogging on this website.

To kick-start the blogging, we're going to be releasing succinct Reptile & Amphibian care guides to help you start or improve your captive animal husbandry. We'll also be releasing short preludes to the material in the main magazine, and will be accepting blog topics from our readership.

One of the best things about keeping reptiles is the community. You. Globally there is a huge network of experienced and beginner reptile keepers who share a great passion. Being able to have your piece of nature in a vivarium in your own home is a great way to provoke conservation awareness and a love for the environment, so long as the husbandry of that animal is good. It's a community where we see such great mentorship and a positive spirit. Yet we also see a minority of hate, disrespect, misinformation and fraudsters too.

We hope to be your mentor as we guide you through the wonderful process of becoming a knowledgeable, passionate and animal-welfare-driven keeper or reptile enthusiast in general.

Thank you for getting on board with us on our journey and we hope that you enjoy reading The Reptile Academy Magazine.

(Salvador, our Giant Argentine tegu.)

Again we emphasise that you, as the community, are immensely important. You don't have to purchase a copy of the magazine to help; even a simple facebook share can go a long way in helping us deliver our education and meeting our animal welfare goals. We also welcome submissions from the community. We already have some great guest authors on board including exotics specialist veterinary surgeons and those who have worked in the reptile 'industry' for years. We will be publishing their articles in the magazine in the months to come.

However if you have any expertise or simply a message you want to share, please do get in touch. Hobbyist, enthusiast or professional, if you love reptiles and amphibians and you want to help promote education and positive husbandry approaches, we're welcoming you to be part of this global magazine.

Wishing you, you families and your reptiles good health during the current covid-19 crisis.

On behalf of all the team at The Reptile Academy

Jake Weeks BSc. (Hons), MRes, AMRSB, FLS

Managing Director & Principal Tutor

The Reptile Academy Ltd

Company number: 11421088

VAT Reg: 338 8427 67

Registered office address: 71 Shelton Street, London, England, WC2H 9JQ

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